Mar 16, 2012

Wines by Andres Iniesta

After publishing that article on (click) about Andres' winery called Bodega Iniesta I received (and still receiving) many questions about those wines, and especially where to buy Corazon Loco and El Carril. I decided to publish that information on my blog. In that way people who are interested in such topic will easily get necessary information.

NOTE: This post is not sponsored by Bodega Iniesta or any wine retailer or shop, I just share my own experience and decided to write it after many questions.

In 2011 Bodega Iniesta launched the sale of their first ever wine. There are two brands:

‘Corazón Loco’ ( ‘Crazy Heart’), light wine in white, rose and red;

and second brand, called ‘Finca el Carril’, white Chardonnay, white wine dedicated for his little girl Valeria (special edition with dark green label) and red.

Prices are moderate: Corazón Loco for about 5-6 euros, Finca El Carril 2010, little more expensive for about 7 euros and Finca El Carril Valeria for about 8-9 euros.

Where to buy?
Barcelona: I bought one in little supermarket in Barcelona, so you will probably find it in any grocery store in that city and in Spain in general, anyway for sure all wines by Andres are available in El Corte Inglés (big department store) at Plaça de Catalunya in grocery department (level -1)

Online: just search the web, there are many websites that sell those wines, look for "Bodega Iniesta" from Manchuela region.

My opinion:
First of all I'm big fan of Andres Iniesta, but my passion for football and being fan of the player don't change my love for good wine. I was a bit afraid about taste, but Corazón Loco is great! I tried red and white, and both are really good. White one is delicious, I will definitely buy again. Here are some of my pictures from wine party in Barcelona.

Apr 12, 2011

just a note

As you probably noticed already, this blog is a little bit... dead in last months. That doesn't mean that I'm not writing anything. I publish almost everyday at so if you want read fresh news, oppinion pieces and offside stories go to this website.

Dec 30, 2010

What a wonderful year we experienced!

2010 was extraordinary in many ways,Barca gave us many wonderful moments:) Sweet memories.I wish you a blaugrana New Year:)

Dec 28, 2010

My Christmas without football?

I’ve tried to rest a bit and don’t even think about football,but well, real life is always different:P It started 2 day before Christmas when I received package with “Year in paradise” by Iniesta, I promissed myself to not read it during holidays, but I couldn’t resist and read it on the second day of Christmas, and I must write it: this book is AWESOME, you probably know that Iniesta is my favourite players and I love him so much,but after reading this book I love him even more, I won’t tell you everything (I don’t want to spoil surprises for those who read it now or will read it in the future) but I was crying and smiling every single page:P The best parts are stories from changing room, and when Andres shares his oppinion about Crackovia. EPIC! On the first day of Christmas (well I couldn’t sleep after all-day-long party with family) I was looking for sth interesting in TV and found World Cup final game, so I had to watch it again:P Than I watched some CL highlights and interviews with players. So that were my holidays without football:P LOL

Dec 21, 2010

Profile - Xavi Hernandez

It's time for our "6" -Xavi. It's hard to write about him, because he is one of the greatest players in the world and he is one of a kind man. So I will try to do my best with his profile, but it's impossible to write good enough piece about Xavi. Let's start with picture, than some data and interesting facts and MORE photos.

Position: midfielder
Place of birth: Terrassa (Barcelona)
Date: 25-01-1980
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Debut: RCD Mallorca-FC Barcelona (2-1, Spanish Super Cup), 18/08/1998
Note: Xavi in FCB wears number "6" but in Spanish team "8" ( Iniesta is "8" in Barcelona and "6" in Spanish national team).

Xavi has spent all his footballing life at the Nou Camp, having joined Barcelona when he was only 11 years old. The progress he made was always very quick and in season 97-98 he moved up from youth team to Barca B.

Xavi's dream of making his official debut with the first team squad became true when he played in the Spanish Super Cup against Majorca in the summer of 1998. He was in the starting line up and scored: a better debut he could not have asked for.

A cologne: Clinique’s Happy.
A car: Audi Q5 or Q7.
A watch: I don’t wear them. Puyol’s.
A pending trip: India.
It embarrasses you to… not a lot of things, I’m not easily embarrassed.
I envy women for… being upright and honest, and for their coherency.
You would go have a beer with… my lifelong friends and teammates.
What kind of work wouldn’t you like to do? Surgeon.

A goal: A bicycle kick by Van Basten with Ajax.
A football genius: Maradona and Messi.
A coach: All that I’ve had.
First stadium that you went to: Camp Nou.
Your first ball: Mikasa.
A game of Spain’s that you remember: the final of the Eurocopa. (note that this Q&A was canducted before World Cupo 2010;)
Your first kit: Java Tarrassa.
A stadium that you would like to play in that’s not your team’s: San Mamés and the Bernabéu.

Books, cards or videogames?
I’m more into cards – a bit of poker right now. But if I have to play videogames, I’ll play.
What gets on your nerves?
When you’re telling me something and you stop in the middle. You know, when someone asks you a question, and you ask them, “so where is this going?” and they reply, “I’ll tell you later.” Tell me or don’t ask me!
Do you remember what was your first kiss like?
Yes! It was a spectacular experience.
What do you play on Play?
Nothing, I don’t play. I play futbolín.
How many watches do you own?
A few, and all were gifts. I’ve never bought one in my life. I don’t use them, they bother me.
What were your first boots like?
Patrick Silvers. They were really trendy…
Who did you ask for an autograph when you were a kid?
N’Kono, one day when Espanyol played in Terrassa.
What is your dog’s name?
Tiro, but he doesn’t live with me.
Which player has kicked you the most?
I don’t get too many kicks.
What’s the last TV series you’ve become addicted to?
Uf! Everything! From The Fresh Prince of Bel Air to El Cor de la Ciutat. I like comedies.
(English translation from
Xavi was named the official Man of the match of the 2009 Champions League Final as he helped Barcelona defeat Manchester United to win their third Champions League-title. He was named Player of the Tournament by UEFA at UEFA Euro 2008[2]. In all he has been capped 98 times for the Spanish national team, with whom he won the 2010 FIFA World Cup. He is regularly cited as one of the best midfielders currently playing.

Our "midfield maestro" or "the Brain" is a winner of all major titles at both international and club level. His famous 360 turn is called pelopina. Xavi is called Pelopo: Xavi: “my friend Miguel Ángel started calling me that when we played together in the cantera of Barça.” Miguel Ángel: “Pelopo is a reference to the hair on a part of the body that you can imagine… you know, pelo-po, de po… [note: the po... stands for a five letter word that is Spanish for a certain part of the male anatomy.] It was an affectionate nickname that we used in my neighborhood. It resulted from some stupid thing that we did and it’s still used now.” He gets angry when you call him “Pelopo.”

ok, time for some photos;)

his smile...

some other photos...

and just "few" photos from games:

Nice video about Xavi ( I know that there are 1000 videos about Xavi, but it's imposibble to post everything in one post;P)

Dec 11, 2010

just a note

Hi all, thanks for reading my blog, sorry that recenlty it was not updated, I will try to do my best to keep it "alive". Maybe not every single day, but I promise to post here at least once a week. I also want to continue with "profile" series here, so stay tuned, next featured player will be Xavi:)

Dec 10, 2010

I'm disappointed with decision about new sponsor logo on Barca shirt

Shirt sponsorship is easy solution, but do our club really need it? In my oppinion: no.
We have some sponsors like Nike, Audi, la Caixa, Turkish Airlines, Estrella, Herbalife, TV3 and it’s nothing wrong to have sponsors, but in case of FC Barcelona shirts are really important, and I don’t want to see too many logos on our blaugrana shirts:) Right now on shirts there are small sponsors logos ( TV3 (on sleeve) and Nike), Unicef logo is great idea, I think it’s really blaugrana spirit to support charity organization.

Club has many sponsors, but that doesn’t meant that their logos are on Barca shirt (like Estrella,Caixa, Herbalife). Of course putting logo on shirt is more profitable for club. But there are more important things than money. Barca shirts are unique because instead of gettin money from sponsors club give money to Unicef. This deal with Qatar Foundation is completly different, it’s not about charity but aobut earning money.

I know that it was founded by Royal family, but still. I just think that foundation could spent this money in different way, like helping kids or so. I just don’t like the idea of putting more logos on shirt. Qatar foundation can collaborate with club or FCB Fundacio (like Leo Messi Foundation and many others do). But sponsorship is different thing…

I completly understand financial situation of our club, but I also know that some numbers are not quite “true”, I have master’s degree of Economics, and I know that the same financial situation you can present in many different ways,all are true but some looks worse than others.

I want all the best for Barca, but there are some very important things with great value to barcelonismo and cules around the world.

I know that world is not ideal, and football club is a big bussiness too, but well FCB was always “different”. Moreover this decision was taken in wrong way. Is this the transparency that Sandro Rosell was talking about? Decision was announced, just like “soci case”.

“For me, the club couching its vile decision in “Well, it’s the right sponsor, you know,” is like a whore saying “I don’t do business with bad men.” It makes you no less of a whore.”- source here

Moreover I knew that this board would blame Laporta and past board, it was for me clear for the beggining, now I’m really sad, really. I’m not fan of Laporta, he made many mistakes too, but his “shirt policy” was very good, both to club image and supporters around the world.

There are other ways to improve financial situtation, Rosell chosen in my oppinion bad decision, but well I know nothing about current situation in board, but as far as I know Socis were not aware of this decision nor even plans, so I’m sad also about the WAY of making this decision. Another strange thing is that Rosell won’t be attending the announcement ceremony. (he also abstained from the vote to pursue legal action against Laporta).

Mr.Rosell disappointed me one more time, first “Cruyff case” than some strange decisions, “soci case”, now shirts, what else? Soon we will sing “hala”or what?