Dec 28, 2010

My Christmas without football?

I’ve tried to rest a bit and don’t even think about football,but well, real life is always different:P It started 2 day before Christmas when I received package with “Year in paradise” by Iniesta, I promissed myself to not read it during holidays, but I couldn’t resist and read it on the second day of Christmas, and I must write it: this book is AWESOME, you probably know that Iniesta is my favourite players and I love him so much,but after reading this book I love him even more, I won’t tell you everything (I don’t want to spoil surprises for those who read it now or will read it in the future) but I was crying and smiling every single page:P The best parts are stories from changing room, and when Andres shares his oppinion about Crackovia. EPIC! On the first day of Christmas (well I couldn’t sleep after all-day-long party with family) I was looking for sth interesting in TV and found World Cup final game, so I had to watch it again:P Than I watched some CL highlights and interviews with players. So that were my holidays without football:P LOL


  1. Is the book in english? or do you know if there is an english translation? The book sounds amazing!
    If you haven't you should read Jimmy Burns Barça a people's passion!

  2. I didn't came across English edition of this book, I know that it's available in Spanish,Catalan and now Polish too.

    Jimmy Burns Barça a people's passion is just great book,I've read it few months ago,but often "come back" to this book:) it's (in my oppinion) a primary book for every cule, I will try to make a post soon about books related to Barca:)


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