Sep 4, 2010

Profile- Dani Alves

Today it's time for our "2" in team- Dani Alves.

He came to FC Barcelona in the summer of 2008, aged 25 years, after six seasons with Sevilla. Here is great video from his presentation at Camp Nou:

Marital Status:Married to Dina (he has two kids, a boy Daniel and a girl Victoria)
Hobbies:He’s crazy about football and a Formula 1 fan
Favourite Music: Zeca Pagodinho and samba in general
Favourite Film:Men of Honor
Favourite Actors: Will Smith and Julia Roberts
Favourite Book:‘Padres brillantes, profesores fascinantes’ from Augusto Cury, "El vencedor está solo", which means "The winner stand alone" from Coelho
Favourite televisión program:Every sports TV program in general
Favourite food:frijoles con arroz (black beans and rice)
A city: Salvador de Bahía (Brazil)
A place to visit:The African continent, to appreciate better all that I have
Your most recent car: An Audi Q7
How do you kill time in the training camps?Chatting with team-mates
What is the last impulse purchase you indulged in?A watch
Who is your idol? Cafú
Any odd habits?Jump three times before entering the field and first tread in with the right foot
Where do you usually go on holidays? A Brazil
Say out loud something you wish for...For all my family to be healthy
Say out loud a confidence...I keep it to myself...

Dani is Brazilian but he also has EC citizenship.
He has an specialist in orthomolecular nutrition that, from Brazil, designs his diet to each stage of the season.
Alves collects t-shirts from different football teams. Most of them belong to his rivals, but his favourite ones are ones he was wearing on the day he won trophies.Dani Alves' t-shirts are folded and put into a pile. “When the match ends, I exchange my t-shirt with the one from my rival team. But I never wear it when it's sweated, I prefer carrying it on my hands to the changing room... You never know”, jokes Brazilian.
“I'm a joker because I'm happy. I like to transmit that happiness to the others”, he says.
On his arm he has a tattoo that says “God is my judge”, that's what his name, Daniel, means in Hebrew. “There are things from religion that I don't share. But I'm 100% behind God”, he assures. He has more tattoos (see photos below). Sylvester & Tweety Pie on his ankle symbolise the challenges he has faced in his career. “On the outside of his right ankle is a tattoo of the cartoon figures of Sylvester and Tweety Pie. The cat has his arms outstretched as if to pounce – but as everyone knows there is only one eventual winner, and that is the little bird. He chose this particular image not only because it tickles him, but because it symbolises the upward challenges he has always faced. "The cat wants to catch and eat Tweety and, if you take his size and power at face value, should be able to. But the little guy is always ready, able to outsmart him. He's always inventive enough to have something up his sleeve," he explains. "The little guys rule in football, too. We are in an era where there are so many clever footballing 'midgets' who are smarter than the average player and can do something different." (source: Guardian)

Dani has official website (he is no longer 20 in our squad but webiste title is with '20')

Ok, now it's time for 'some' photos (click on photo to enlarge)

well.. I know it's not a Christmas time, but I waned to start with something special, and this photo is perfect for this. As Dani said some time ago to Sport “I disguise myself as Santa Claus for them. Although they’re very young I am fascinated to see them smiling happily,” he said. Awww what a great Dad! And you can say he is really cool Daddy, he played with his kids during Liga 2009-2010 Fiesta at Camp Nou

With wife Dina

no, it's not REAL tattoo, it was just for FCB campaign
But Dani has some tattoos, like this cute one:

He is joker and very funny guy, especially during celebrations:

With Messi during Triplet fiesta at Camp Nou

But he can be serious and classy too:

Other photos

true worrior (photosession for MD)

Baseball playing during US Barca tour

Dani's return to Barca after World Cup 2010

Waiting for a plane during Asia Tour 2010 (I love this photo!)

Want some videos?
Here is interview with Dani

This one is great, Dani teaches how to dance Waka Waka

And here he dances Waka Waka at Liga Celebration

More dancing? Alves=samba!

And this one is good too

And this is crazy, but I love it too!

I wrote it before but want to underline, that Dani is VERY hardworking guy who trains even when he has day off. In Cracòvia there was funny episode with Dani:

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