Sep 6, 2010

Profile- Gerard Piqué

This is long post, especially a lot of photos, but it's almost imposible to make profile of this player without photos;P I know he is idol to many young people, and I will not exagerate to say he is loved by thousands of teenagers. Of course he is goodlooking young guy, but for me personally his greatest advanteges are his skills. Many consider Gerard Piqué Bernabeu as best defender in the world, and what is more he is defender who attacks and scores.

Gerard Piqué returned to FC Barcelona, the club where he started as a boy, in the summer of 2008, after three seasons with Manchester United and one with Real Zaragoza. He was born on 2 February 1987 and since that day he has been a club member of FC Barcelona! His grandfather, Amador Bernabeu, is the former vice-president of Barcelona.

And some personal stuff (source: Interview in Marca-English translation here and from El País- English version here)

Personal profile
A cologne: Hugo Boss
A car: Audi.
A watch: Hublot.
A pending trip: to India.
It embarrasses you to… be the center of attention.
A politician: Right now, none of them.
I envy women for… how they transform things.
A historical person: Christopher Columbus.
You would go have a beer with… with Cesc and Puyol.
What kind of work wouldn’t you like to do? Domestic things.

Sports profile
The best goal you’ve ever seen: Maradona against England in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.
A football genius: Leo Messi.
What do you see yourself doing in South Africa? Holding that beautiful cup.
A coach: Pep Guardiola.
First stadium that you went to: Camp Nou.
A teammate that was on the road to stardom but didn’t make it: Rafa Blázquez.
Your first ball: it was a leather one.
A game of Spain’s that you remember: the 4-3 against Yugoslavia in the 2000 Eurocopa.
Your first kit: Barça.
A stadium that you would like to play in that’s not your team’s: San Mamés.

Can you recommend to me a food shack on the beach?
That’s secret.
What gets on your nerves?
Lies, when the weakest are taken advantage of.
Do you remember what was your first kiss like?
Yes, but that’s quite personal.
What do you play on Play?
Many things.
Nesquik or Cola Cao?
How many watches do you own?
Not a lot.
What were your first boots like?
Who did you ask for an autograph when you were a kid?
Guardiola, Luis Enrique, Ronaldo… My grandfather was a director of Barcelona.
Which player has kicked you the most?
I receive elbows.
Books, cards or videogames?
I prefer ping-pong, some poker and books.
The best player of all time?
I sincerely believe Messi is already the best of all time. That’s a bit risky to say, but that’s how I see it.

Other intresting facts:
Gerard wrote a book “Viaje de ida y vuelta.”
He participate in photosessions as a model.
He is joker in the team!
Piqué always steps onto the field with right foot and plays with long sleeves.

Read more:
And it's time for photos:P
I tried to choose the best/funniest/coolest ones, but there are so many photos that it's imposible to choose only few.

So lets start with this one,

little(?) Gerard

His return to Barcelona

Presentation at Camp Nou

And now some great photos with a lot of joy and smilling

And some serious(?) too

Want some 'fashionable' Gerard's pictures?

But we love him most of all on the pitch!

During Mundial in South Africa he impressed us with his strong body

and soft heart...

And some special photos with a lot of Cava

He enjoys drinking it, like we all do

But he often use it in funny ways too!

But not only Pique knows how to make fun with Cava:P

And finally some random pictures, just for fun

Ok and now some videos, again it's impossible to choose the best ones:
This commercial is just sweet:P It's quite silly but stil funny to watch

Another funny video, from Crackovia

Do you want to hear his voice?

Famous moment with fans

Ok, let's return to football

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