Jul 31, 2010

Andres and Gerard recieved tribute

Yesterday it was the turn of Andrés Iniesta in Albacete and in his hometown in Fuentaibilla and Gerard Piqué in the town where his father was born, Sant Guim de Freixenet (Lleida) to celebrate World Cup again.

In Albacete was huge celebration ( organized by the town hall of the city and by Albacete Balompié, Andres' first team) with about 7 000 people! Andrés recieved a gold medal from his former club and was also named an adopted son of Albacete and the ambassador for the feria. There was also funny moment when president of Albacete Balompié, Rafael Candel, joked that he would like to see Iniesta play for Real Madrid, since that is the club he supports. Andrés told us many times, he want to hang his boots in Barcelona, but in one TV interview he revealed the fact that he recieved proposition to play to RM (you can watch it here-click)

Iniesta spoke to people of Albacete and said that he felt very proud to make people happy, and that on July 11 he “touched the sky.” As always humble, Andrés added that he’s better with a ball than a microphone. President of the province described Iniesta as “the prince of La Mancha” and a replica of the World Cup with the words “Iniesta” and “Fuentealbilla” carved on the bottom was unveiled in the town. There were of course few funny moments, when officials spoke crowd was singing "Iniesta! Iniesta" when Andrés recieved medals people were siningig "¡Que bote Iniesta, que bote Iniesta!" and our hero started jumping on stage.

Here is short video from Albacete

Here is a little bit longer with funny "Que bote Iniesta" part (3:55)

Fuentealbilla (Andrés' hometown) prepared its own celebration, there was fireworks show and party. This little town honoured it's greatest hero.

Our next World Cup hero Gerard Pique recieved tribute in Sant Guim de Freixenet (the town where Gerard’s father Joan was born). He was accompanied by his parents and relatives.

Gerard signed the book of honor in the town hall and came out on the balcony to say a few words. He also the opportunity to inaugurate a Barcelona peña Piqué, and than had dinner with about 500 people. In the evening was party and dances, Gerard was cheered by crowd of supporters, many people was wearing blaugrana shirts with number 3.

Gerard said that: 'When you taste the victory you don't want to stop winning'. Pique, despite having won everything, remains motivated: "The future must be written and I will make every effort to keep winning'. Here you can watch short interview with our hero (click).

Here is really short video from

And here is a longer one

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