Jul 24, 2010

Pedro anwers fans

It was some time ago when Pedro answered question sent by fans from all over the world, but I think it's never to late to share it. Q&A from official website of the club.

1. Why do you wear the number 17 shirt?

“Because of the numbers that were left it was the one I liked most”.

Sent by: Mario Alberto from Hidalgo, México

2. When you were a boy, which of the Barça players you admired would you have asked for an autograph and why did you admire that player?

“Rivaldo was my idol when I was young.”

Sent by Mr. Mohd Azizi from Johor Babhru, Malaysia

3.How did you feel when you scored an important goal that the team needed in order to win?

“Very happy. You feel a satisfaction that’s very hard to explain”.

Sent by Lucas David Valencia from Caracas, Venezuela.

4. If you could choose 11 players from down the ages for a “Dream Team”, who would you choose’

“The current Barça eleven”.

Sent by Ashley Moliere from Vancouver, Canada.

5. What’s been the best moment of all the matches you’ve played for Barça?

“The goal I scored in Abu Dhabi, because I knew that I’d achieved something that nobody had done before”.

Sent by Mohamed Hassib from Alexandria, Egypt.

6. How do you cope with the pressure of being so young and being in a team where the quality of your team-mates is so high?

“By being very clear that I have to keep on working with humility”.

Sent by Johnny Méndez from Costa Rica

7. What was your first reaction when you realized that you had been named to play with the first team?

“I was very happy and I called my family because I’d just made a dream come true”.

Sent by Alexandra Jonson from Höllviken, Sweden

8. What kind of music do you listen to?

“I listen to all kinds of music but one of the groups I like most of all is Maná”.

Sent by O mar from Van Nuys, California (USA)

9. What do you like doing in your free time?

“I like going for a walk, the cinema, TV...”

Sent by Harry Arribas, Saudi Arabi

10. What message would you give to all Barça fans around the world who support the team week in week out?

“Carry on the same way and we’ll try never to let you down”.

Sent by Zoltan Vandor from Zalaegerszeg, Hungary

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