Jul 31, 2010

Videos from official farewell

Here are some great videos for official farewell that took place in Sala Paris
There is cool compilation presented, Rafa is legend :)

Part 1: Speach of Mr.Sandro Rosell, President of FCB, short clip about Rafa's career in Barcelona, speach of player,

Part 2: pressconference

So just tu sum up it a little bit:
Rafa Marquez received an emotional farewell in a ceremony held at the Sala Paris of Camp Nou, in the presence of several members of the board and the coaching staff of the club. Accompanied by Club President Sandro Rosell, Josep Guardiola and captain Carles Puyol, Rafa Márquez explained his motives for leaving after seven years at the club.

Sandro Rosell done a short a review of the player's history in FC Barcelona and announced that the club will participate in a future tribute to the player.
"Rafa leave his print in this club and we want to thank you for your contribution to this institution," the president said, pointing to Marquez that "you always have the doors open at this club." President concluded: “friends forever, Barca fans forever and Rafa Marquez forever!”

The Mexican, surprised by the long applause that all gave him after watching a video with the best moments, said that it is not a final goodbye to our club. "Here I have lived the best moments of my football career. The most important part of my life is here in Barcelona where I spent many good moments." “I’ll always be a Barca fan. This is just au revoir. I’ll definitely be back at this club!” Marquez also thanked the club members, fans and the press “because although you had your doubts at the start of my time here, my hard work and quality made you change your minds and that made me feel a part of this team”.

Marquez had words of appreciation for all Barcelona fans and wanted to especially thank the support received at the time by Frank Rijkaard, Ten Cate, as well as the old board as well as Pep for the confidence the two managers showed in him, as well as President Sandro Rosell who “really went out on a limb for me” in 2003. I’d also like to thank him for organising this act for me, because not every player has the chance to leave with such a great send off”.

Asked about the reasons for his departure when the contract was still in force, the player admitted that the lack of minutes last season has been the key to his decision. He said “last season I didn’t play as much as I’d have liked and before the season ended I spoke to Guardiola, who told me the choice was in my hands. I think my time here has come to an end - I’ve always been ambitious and I want to be a regular starter. That can’t happen here, so it’s a good time to leave with my head held high and start a new challenge”. Rafa admits he would have liked to finish his career as blaugrana, but added “farewells are said to be sad affairs, but I’m leaving happy in the knowledge of everything I have won here and everything I have. I’d have loved to retire here, but things don’t always turn out as you’d like them to. I’m still not sure where I’ll be going, I’m weighing up the options”.

Rafa Márquez is not known for wearing his heart on his sleeve, but he was close to tears after his farewell speech when he received a long standing ovation from all present. Márquez also admitted that his most special memory at the club was the 2006 Champions League win in Paris and the huge mural celebrating that win on the wall of the Sala Paris proved a fitting backdrop to the farewell of a player who gave so much to the club.

He received a commemorative plaque from President Rosell, with the inscription: “with all our affection and in recognition of the example you gave, your brilliant career, and particularly for your contribution to this club”.

p.s.My favourite part is when Rafa said: “for the rest of my life, I will always be a Barca fan. I’m sure that I will one day return to Barcelona and to this institution”. So see you Rafa!

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