Jul 23, 2010

Fuentealbilla will honour Hero

Accoring to Sport newspaper, hometown of Andres Iniesta will honour his hero on Friday, 30 of July (21:30 local time). Maybe you know that in this town there is already street named after Iniesta. This time, Andres will make speach to audience from the balcony of City Hall, located in the Plaza Mayor of the town and receive Medalla de Oro de la Villa (Gold Medal of the town). There will be also a surprise in front of the Iniesta's house in Fuentealbilla , for which no details have been revealed, there will be also a fireworks display and dancing party.

Locals expect thousands of people who come to the town to pay tribute to international footballer of FC Barcelona becauseas they said to Sport "we are getting calls from many parts of Spain to ask when to come"


  1. hi i'am alejandra wow i cant start to tell you how much i appreciate you making this blog! really i love the barca boys so much!! when i saw your post in the "conlaroja" blog i started screaming of happines thabnkyou and now that ill be reading this blog 24/7!!!! if you need anyhelp with something just ask! im a major freack in searching for u tube videos!
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  2. i still dont know why i post but it doesnt show..!! and im worried you will think nobody watching your blog and cancel it butt no!!!!!!!!!! im a fan so dont ure my hero cuz i lo0ve barca and i am from mexico this is my only thing to know about them and specially from a women so! keeep up the good work! youre doing great!


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