Jul 23, 2010

"El Carril de Iniesta"

As you probably know Andres Iniesta is big fan of wine, but not only drinking it but also in making own. This fall first bottels of wine from his own bodega (wine cellar)will be released.
As Andres told to Sport newspaper, first name he want to give to wine was 'Don Andrés', but the name was already taken , so finally he chose the name 'El Carril de Iniesta'. First consigment of white and pink wine will be released in November/December this year. For red wine we will have to wait until spring 2011.

José Antonio Iniesta, Andres' father, said also that their desire is to make wine that reflect personality of Andres: humility, elegance and discretion. (Sounds fantastic for me!)

'Production is expected to reach the 800,000 kilos (!) of grapes per year, which will almost 750,000 liters of processing and storage. Also, 'Iniesta Bodegas SL' work to provide a minimum of twelve people who have a steady job, plus another unspecified number of temporary workers as well. There is no doubt that in times of crisis will be a great help to boost the economy of the region.'- sport.es

I also found that production will start in September and in the first year some wine will be exported to the U.K. and Germany, where it could sell for as much as 40 euros a bottle at a restaurant.

Sounds good for me (I'm a wine lover), I hope to taste his wine someday.

p.s. sorry for outdated photo,but couldn't find and up-to-date picture of Andres with wineyard:)

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