Jul 28, 2010

Barca support EAC:)

As you probably know in Barcelona city there is great sport event these days. Best athletes participate in European Atheletic Championships. As always during such events there is a lot of offside things like songs, posters and mascots.

Barni is the name given to the Barcelona 2010 official mascot.(Some say that Barni is as white as Andres Iniesta;)) The design was created by the company Dortoka disseny and won the public competition organised by B10 with 39.69% of the votes, against three other finalists. Barni traveled across European counries to promote EAC. Mascot also took pictures with famous athletes and celebrieties. Our blaugrana stars are the best ambassadors of Barcelona and Catalunya. So here are some nice photos:


  1. hey i just got one question!.... when where those pictures taken? i mean the ones where puyol and xabi and messi are... are they back to training?

  2. hello, there is no information on source website (official EAC website) about when pictures where taken, but I guess it was some weeks(months) ago (look at last season training kits). As far as official news are concerned only Puyol is in Barcelona, Messi will be back on Friday, there is no info about Xavi arrival.


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