Jul 26, 2010

Victor Valdés king of the fiesta!

What a celebration!

In 1975 Pilar Ribas was crowned Queen of the Festa Major de Gava. 35 years later, her son Victor became the absolute king of Festa Major de Gavà and recieved massive tribute from people of Gava.It was heartfelt celebration that involved people who always supported him. Valdés' neighbors wanted to thank the goalkeeper (despite the fact that he didn't play a minute in the World Cup).

Victor arrived at the scene arranged by locals and City Council, accompanied by his family at eight o'clock in the afternoon (yes in most countries 8 is in the evening, but in Spain it's afternoon:)). Dressed in a black jeans and white shirt Victor had a smile from ear to ear, just extremely happy. With him were his parents, his brothers, his wife and son.

There was also presentation of some images from World Cup in the big screen and Valdés watched this with his neighbors. "When I see the goal scored by Iniesta, it moves me, again and again" confessed Barcelona goalkeeper who explained that "I am very proud of what I did. I could not play a single minute, but I was there to help the team and I think I managed."

Valdes said also that he feels very proud to be a neighbor of Gava, where is his family. He added also "I do not know how long I expected this day, to say thanks and share with you this success and I have achieved with my club, I know you also enjoyed it. And you will continue enjoying it, because Barca team is where I want to stay."

Victor also watched the video that included images of his childhood (when he was 12), in the pictures he was doing the same gestures to their colleagues as he make today.

Son of Pilar Ribas, Victor Valdes Ribas after playing basketball and baseball, became one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

Here are videos from celebrations

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