Aug 27, 2010

About Gamper once again- comments

Ok, I promise this is last post about Gamper:P

Let's start with coach press conference after game (all details here-click)
“I am delighted with the fans, it was marvelous,”
“Ronaldinho came into our dressing room before the game,” Guardiola then revealed. “He was in great form and met many of his former team-mates. On the pitch the people showed their devotion to him and I think he was pleased.”

Also players shared thier joy (click to read all comments after game)

Villa “I am very happy. I am delighted with the support I received. I did not want to let people down. The fans gave me such warmth before I had done anything.”

Pinto “Ronaldinho seemed to be in great form and he enjoyed playing. He is a good person and the homage paid to him was good. It was a day that everyone enjoyed.”

Alves “Pinto is a specialist at penalties. He Works on them and when he comes up against one he always does his best.”

In minute 76 of the match Ronaldinho was substituted and once again the Camp Nou rose to their feet to give him a huge cheer. When walking off he lifted his AC Milan shirt to reveal a t-shirt with the message 'Barça I love you' written across the front. "I just wanted to thank people and Barça," he said. "What I wrote on the shirt is true, I do love Barça." (click to read aobut it)

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