Aug 1, 2010

Just to share

In this post I want to include some nice videos from few last days, just random Barca-related pieces.

So let's start with this nice, summer video, remember when I wrote about football camps visited by players?(click to go to this post), now you can feel this spirit too
Here is Xavi

And tried Bojan

Also Busi visited campus and spoke about his World Cup experiences

As you probably know every new player "recieve" character in Barça Toons, our new team member Adriano also have one:

Andres Iniesta recieve massive tribute in Spain (and not only!), there is new song called "Iniesta de mi Vida"

Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, Villa and Guardiola are among the most popular people Facebook in Spain and Latin America. Although Shakira is leader with nearly 5.8 million admirers, Leo Messi is next with 4.1 million. :)

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